Working at B-too

24UUR in bedrijf


24 uur in bedrijf champions the motivation that has typified this region for more than a century.

Through spotting and highlighting valuable matches, the platform links entrepreneurs.

For, by & with entrepreneurs

24 uur in bedrijf (24U) is an entrepreneurs’ platform that stimulates commercial success.

24U believes that entrepreneurs – in all their diversity – can enrich each other through the exchange of relevant information and insights.


The added value of active connections, the organisation of meetups, the facilitation of dialogues can only take place in a pleasant environment created by creative entrepreneurs, in other words B-too!

A little cheeky

Always with content

And green...

24U helps entrepreneurs to better position and promote themselves. An important factor here is that companies don’t lose sight of their employees and the environment they work in.

A pleasant green environment helps here. B-too knows that, applies this, and see here the results.