Working at B-too

AFA Dispensing

HQ Eindhoven

AFA Dispensing (AFA) is the world leader in technologically advanced dosing systems for liquids. In a market where most dosing pumps have become fast-moving commodities, branded products are faced with increasing competition from generics.

AFA offers the solution through deploying its own technologies as a technical platform for the development of new ways of dispensing all sorts of liquids, drinks, soft nutrients and other liquids.

AFA offers clients comprehensive solutions through world-class research and development, mass production facilities in Europe and China, in combination with logistics support and an extensive customer service that is offered before, during and after the client’s first contact with AFA.

Just like B-too, AFA has its head office in the characteristic Philips heritage location Strijp-T in Eindhoven.

Healthy working

The character of the building was retained but lifted to contemporary standards with the integration of various modern elements like height-adjustable workspaces and a cool sitting area. Plenty of “green” ensures a pleasant work climate.

A wonderful place

To work, to learn & to relax

Smart working

Impressive cutting-edge means of communication are embraced by AFA. Both in the meeting and waiting rooms are screens that provide people with the right information.

Comfortable working

The bar and kitchen, annex canteen, are equipped with the necessary appliances, so that body as well as soul can be nourished.