Working at B-too

Aqualon van Zutphen

Interior | Office | Eersel

Techniek Nederland approved

Installation company Aqualon van Zutphen in Eersel has a very clear and professional vision of installation technology. The interior that B-too designed is a tasteful interpretation of this.

Aqualon van Zutphen was established 55 years ago but has a contemporary vision and high ambitions for sustainability.

It doesn’t matter if it concerns heat pump technology, central heating, sanitary installations, air treatment, climate control, air-conditioning, sewers, gas supply and every imaginable kind of plumbing work, as an approved Techniek Nederland Installatiebedrijf, they know the situation and what needs to be done.

Modest and professional

B-too employed a modest and commercial range of colours and materials with a clear spatial use of playful lines.

Personnel, commercial clients and consumers immediately feel at home here. Or as Aqualon van Zutphen says, “The best from a single world”.

An interior that reflects their vision!

Clear and professional

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