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Architecture | Commercial facility | Bergambacht

Box for the future

Located in Bergambacht, BMC is one of the leading reinforcement steel manufacturers in the Netherlands. A building has been developed at the rear of the existing facility for the expansion of the factory.

The expansion is designed with a purposeless box to enable future visions of production and logistics. Therefore, the building is structured as a large empty box, with the largest possible spans and free layout options. The box is symbolically extended across the entire site. On the side where trucks enter and exit the premises, the trusses are symbolically extended into the outdoor space.

Vertical greenery

The plot where the expansion located, connects to a different road than to which the existing building with offices does. To maintain a straight façade, a purposeless front wall has been chosen, composed of steel columns and filled with the reinforcement steel produced by BMC itself.

Within, space has been created within for vertical greenery. In the execution, it aligns with BMC’s corporate colors, featuring a dark gray enveloping frame, the light gray box, and the trusses in the distinctive orange color, visible both inside and outside.

Building in house style

Inside and outside

Handelsweg, Bergambacht

Commercial facility


Various contributions have been made by the B-group to the BMC company building. B-too is the architect, and B-invented has handled all architectural and structural engineering, as well as permits. Sister company B-happy has taken care of the preparation and realization.

Bouwstaal-Matten-Centrale BMC BV

B-too : Eric Offermans, Gerbert van Beek

Architectural engineering
B-invented: Eric Offermans, Gerbert van Beek

Structural engineering
B-invented : Bouwe Geels


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