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The next step

The next step came more quickly than anticipated for CTOUCH. Growth in a financial sense but also in workspace requirements. A fresh look at their needs brought them to Strijp-T. The TQ building met all their needs.

We handled the orientation, definition and design phases for CTOUCH.

And CTOUCH was the first client for whom we presented a virtual reality model for their office. Everyone don a visor and let’s GO! Bull’s eye.




B-too: Pepijn Rademakers

Philips Heritage

Ctouch has, just like B-too, its head office in the characteristic Philips heritage location Strijp-T in Eindhoven.


Open workspaces match the flat organisation culture at Ctouch, where everyone works together.

Discover the power of pleasant interaction...

and of touch screens!

Increasingly smarter

The screens that we encounter in the various meeting rooms and the waiting room are their own products.

They are also in use in the presentation room. As a result, everyone becomes increasingly smarter.

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