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Living with a sustainable appeal

On the edge of Houtwijk, along the bustling Escamplaan, stands the Escampstaete. A beautiful blend of wood, light facade panels, and spacious balconies.

The layered apartment building is one half of a twin block.

The complex is oriented towards the sun, and each of the 12 apartments has its own small garden at the rear.

Many options

The 6-story building is structurally designed in horizontal manner.

Floors are chosen as discs on columns, detached from the facade, and a stabilizing core with stabilizing discs.

This allowed for a flexible facade layout and open floor plans.

As a result, there were 99 options for the 12 apartments, all meeting the specified requirements.

Escamplaan Den Haag

12 spacious apartments


Various contributions from the B-group have been made to Escampstaete. B-invented is the architect and has handled all architectural and structural engineering, as well as permits. Construction company B-happy has supported construction company Houtman in the preparations and realization.

Projectontwikkelaar Houtman: Gert Houtman

Verheij vastgoed ontwikkeling: Wouter Verheij

B-too: Eric Offermans, Gerbert van Beek

Architectural engineering
B-invented: Eric Offermans, Gerbert van Beek

Structural engineering
B-invented: Bouwe Geels

Aannemingsbedrijf Houtman: Jan Boele
B-happy: Joost Huijgen, Gerbert van Beek, Eric Offermans

Nieman: Daphne Hellendoorns

Unidek SIPS

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