Working at B-too


Concept | Living and working | Eindhoven

Orthogonal grid

The positioning of the pathways and buildings is derived from the orthogonal grid evident throughout the entire area.

By extending this grid onto our plot, a connection is established with the surroundings.

Meet & connect

All residential and work units are linked by the elevated path, running throughout the entire area, and starting at the main square. Here, parking is available, and a terrace is situated.

The units vary in size and function. The materials used, reflect the wooded environment, creating an endless forest.

Make & create, these words are central to this plan.


Offices and studios with living space


Various contributions have been made for Forrest-T by the B-group. B-invented is the architect and has handled all architectural and structural engineering, as well as the permits.


B-too: Stéphanie Lelieveld, Eric Offermans

Design team

B-too: Sanne van Haasteren, Mendel Meester

Living & working

Surrounded by greenery

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