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Harmony Hill

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Commercial landscape

This project enables the realization of both commercial spaces and ground-based homes in the same location. By incorporating a landscape, the commercial spaces and associated parking can be situated beneath it.

This design creates a landscape on top of the commercial spaces, allowing for the addition of abundant greenery. The subsequent homes positioned here will be ground-based, each with its own garden.

Intergration with the surroundings

The landscape harmonizes with its surroundings. Where the buildings dictate, the landscape descends. This approach ensures a seamless connection with the environment and the neighboring structures.

Various homes are added at the edges of the landscape, maintaining connections with both the landscape and the street. These homes can be accessed at street level, while their gardens are situated atop the landscape.


An apartment complex is introduced at the corner of the landscape, providing additional housing, and complementing the busy intersection. The apartments feature terraces on both the street side and the landscape side.


12 apartements / 20 residences



B-too: Stéphanie Lelieveld, Eric Offermans

Design team

B-too: Mendel Meester, Raz Keltsh

B-invented: Nadine Mocking

In motion

Connection with the street and the landscape

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