Working at B-too

House DS1


On the edge of Eindhoven centre lies the so-called Villa Park.

The neighbourhood’s name says enough, without even mentioning this house and its well-deserved interior.

Impressive open kitchen

This open kitchen is equipped to the hilt and offers every comfort for enjoying the company of friends and family. 

Exactly as it was intended!

City garden

The idea was that the garden should become an extension of the living room. Through running the exquisite concrete floor through to the sun terrace, this has really worked. The sliding doors that can be pushed completely open do the rest.

The hobby of the “man of the house” was also incorporated in the garden…


of "Dad's hobby"

Clean lines, but cosy

Cosy corners to play an instrument, to work, to read a book or just laze around, are interspersed with stairs with an eye-catching banister.

And even so, it is a cohesive whole. That’s where you see the hand of the master…

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