Working at B-too

House ZW18


Literally two minutes’ walk from Eindhoven city centre there is a street with breath-taking houses. Houses with surprisingly large rooms and a real urban garden.

Houses that are just asking for a really cool interior. This house certainly got one!

Calm, robust & colourful

The design is robust, and the colour palette creates the calm feel.

Various accessories provide accents of colour. Colour that can be played with. Through the seasons, for example.

Relax kitchen

After a hectic day of working hard and an active social life, it is wonderful to land and relax in this calm oasis. And then preferably in the heart of the house, the kitchen.

Pure enjoyment

In the heart of the city.


The beautifully finished wood and real Portuguese tiles ensure the authentic feel that the clients so wanted to see. While retaining the level of luxury.

And not the other way around.