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Architecture | Tiny houses | Leusden

62 TT.houses on a base with fitness in Leusden

For the main shopping street in Leusden, we envisioned a raised park with ground-level homes featuring TT.houses. Affordable small homes, a (Tiny Tree) is a three-story one-bedroom dwelling of 50 m2. The home offers an affordable solution where, both inside and outside the circulation space, is added as living space to provide greater enjoyment of living. is a back-facing dwelling with a semi-public garden.

Hamersveldseweg Leusden

62 small, affordable three-story back-facing homes on a base


B-too, leveraging its TT.houses solution for affordable social housing, conducted a study to explore the possibility of creating a raised park with the same number of homes at the Hamerveldseweg location, instead of a four-story apartment building. The study demonstrated that this is very feasible.

Social living with your own place, that is living according to OIKOS


B-too: Eric Offermans, Lotte Dekkers, Sanne van Haasteren

Design team

B-too: Stéphanie Lelieveld, Niels Koolen

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