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Philips factory

Right in the heart of Eindhoven city centre, traditionally the Philips stronghold, stands one of the first and most important factories that this multinational built. It is the factory from which Eindhoven acquired its nickname ‘City of Light’, because incandescent bulbs were manufactured here. Philips’ lighting department had, until just a few years ago when it moved, always been here.


After the move, breath-taking lofts were created in this listed building, and so this one too.


Floating staircase

To retain the open character of the space, we opted for a floating staircase. Part of the staircase transverses the cupboard below.

Practical, playful and beautiful!



The large, high windows bathe everything in light. At the same time providing a beautiful view of the attractive courtyard.

In the wall that separates the sleeping area from the living room, we installed a wonderful fake hearth. Lovely and warm and, above all, mood setting.



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