Working at B-too



Every lover of the most famous hamburger in the world who originates from the Eindhoven region knows this exceptional version of McDonald’s in Best.

Not just for the enormous, metres-high Michael Jackson that shone from the car park of this branch located along the A2 motorway for many years, but certainly also because of the authentic 1950s interior.

Super cool, including a real cabriolet on the ceiling and Marilyn Monroe flapping her dress.

At a stone’s throw from Eindhoven, you’ll find one of the busiest McDonald’s branches in the Netherlands. A branch that is a huge homage to the original drive-in restaurants, just like the first McDonalds were. Complete with images and statues of heroes from the time.

B-too really went to town creating images from the 1950s!

Where and what?

Apart from the fact that it is all too much to take in – there really is a lot to see – B-too also paid a lot of attention to the correct layout of the restaurant, known as routing in the trade.

The premises are laid out in such a way that as many people as possible can be served in as short a time as possible.

Dig into the 1950s.

Amongst the heroes


If nothing else, they wanted a Cadillac hanging from the ceiling and their wish was our command. In the centre of the restaurant it hangs, you really can’t miss it!


In the 1950s they weren’t shy of a neon lamp here and there… And if possible in the brightest colours… In this splendid McDonald’s, everywhere you look you see colour-changing lamps, it doesn’t get much more real than this!