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Architecture | Office & cleanroom | Enschede

Factory for microfluidic chips

“The number of customers we have is only going to increase in the coming time. Therefore, this building is of great importance to us,” says CEO Ronny van ‘t Oever.

High Tech
The new location provides space to consolidate and connect production activities in the form of cleanrooms with development, laboratory, and office activities.


The layered design of the building ensures that different functions have their own place. The core facilitates the connection between these functions, with production at the center.

The core is already recognizable on the façade due to its distinctive window rhythm, derived from Enschede’s industrial past. This way, the core becomes a standalone part of the building.

The ground floor production is partially concealed in the landscape for privacy, creating a rolling landscape that wraps around the building.

Building 'in' the landscape

Natural privacy

Kennispark, Enschede

Cleanroom, offices

Preparing for work

Various contributions from the B-group have been made to Micornit. B-too is the architect, and B-invented has handled all architectural and structural engineering as well as permits.

Micronit B.V.

B-too : Eric Offermans, Sanne van Haasteren, Stéphanie Lelieveld

Architectural engineering
B-invented: Gerbert van Beek, Joost van ’t Klooster

Structural engineering
B-invented : Bouwe Geels / Advies- en Ingenieursbureau van de Laar B.V.

Aan de Stegge Twello: Evert Veerman, Dennis Versteeg

Batenburg Techniek: Albert Mouw

IAA Architecten: Anita Masseling

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