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This incredible penthouse is part of the NEXT building, located in the creative heart of Eindhoven; Strijp-S. It was an honor to provide such a beautiful place with a suitable interior!

This penthouse has two levels. From a design perspective B-too chose to allocate the living area to the top floor. This way you can enjoy the amazing views over the City of Light from the living room as well as the roof terrace.

The many large windows ensure that you can look away wonderfully, while at the same time providing a lot of light. Because of the light we dared to use somewhat darker colors for the interior.

A powerful combination if you’d ask us!

Sleeping and bathing

It is nice and lively on the top floor, while the lower floor is an oasis of peace. It’s a place to recharge completely. Bathe, shower, sleep and wake up on your roof terrace with a fresh espresso…


Is the best characterization for this place


Due to the abundance of light that enters through the large windows, beautiful warm brown tones were chosen combining them with the necessary color accents.

A beautiful balance!



B-too: Marlou Verbeek

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