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Nexus heights

Architecture | Concept 63 residences | Eindhoven

More living in the same space

To create more housing, the existing homes in this location were demolished. The 22 demolished social housing units are replaced by a spacious apartment complex with 63 units, each consisting of 1 or 2 levels.

On the side facing the residential area, the units have 2 levels to maintain the existing streetscape and ensure that residents enter their homes from the outside of the complex. All other units have 1 level and vary in size. Access to these units is through the inside of the complex.

Anonymous and sleek

The exterior of the building is anonymous and sleek. The busy road alongside the building makes it an unfavorable location for balconies or galleries. Therefore, both are located on the inside of the building. The interior of the building features many rounded shapes, creating a playful identity.

The galleries and balconies are combined, fostering more interaction among residents. The large openings interrupt these galleries, allowing more light to flow through the building and creating connections between different levels.

Vibrant for the entire neighborhood

On the corner of the building, various commercial spaces are located, adding vibrancy to the structure and making it a resource for the entire neighborhood.

The parking spaces are semi-submerged, allowing for natural ventilation while keeping the cars out of sight from the balconies. This creates a park on top of the parking spaces, accessible to the entire neighborhood.

Eindhoven, Nederland

56 apartements
7 houses



B-too: Stéphanie Lelieveld

Design team

B-too: Mendel Meester, Niels Koolen, Raz Keltsh

Playful timber

With a lot of light

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