Working at B-too

Residential interiors

Design agency B-too is all about original and scintillating architecture and interior designs. We do this for everyone who attaches value to professionals who listen, understand and are perceptive. With a sense of humour, empathy and bags of inspiration we understand the art of design: these are our key values.

B-too is clued up. We don’t sell interiors. We design places where people feel good. Never thought up from behind a desk. We look around, experience a space, meet the people and listen to your stories.

We want to understand you. We unpack your wishes and needs and create a clear plan of approach and a design harmonious with your experience. We do this, employing a special mix of passion, pleasure and perfection. We call this: smart and smile. Professionally transforming your objectives until we have created the idea that touches us both.

With B-too you always move forward. Your energy and atmosphere will become clearer, right down to the smallest detail. Nothing more, nothing less. And that works. Today, tomorrow and in the future.


A fully-fledged addition for a beautiful farmhouse, complete with an underground wellness spa. That is this ‘garden hideaway’ in a nutshell.

Nothing more and nothing less, built and finished with the highest quality materials.

Apartment Vlissingen

For this more than twenty-year-old apartment the commission was to make one functional spatial whole from all the small dark rooms with as much sea view as possible.

Above all, the interior was to conjure up a beach look in combination with luxurious materials.