Working at B-too



B-too is honoured and proud that they were asked to create the Arte showroom.

Arte is a “B Corporation”. The B Corp certification is an international certification for companies who have a major, positive impact on people and the planet. Companies that don’t want to be the best in the world, but want to be the best for the world.

B-too couldn’t agree more!

Client and supplier

B-too has been selected based on quality and – according to Arte- the right approach to work.

B-too often chooses Arte as a supplier when a kitchen needs to be designed for a client.

So Arte is a client and supplier, and so too is B-too!

Quality Beauty

Quality and beauty, that is Arte for B-too when it concerns kitchens and that is B-too for Arte when their showroom and office environment needs rebuilding and restyling.

Supplying the highest quality kitchen worktops

With society and the environment in mind

Enjoyment and providing enjoyment

At Arte, they love to enjoy their quality. They love to do this especially in the showroom together with their client, so nothing will be left to chance, and the client will want for nothing in the showroom.

Rightly one of the finest B-too projects in recent years.

B-inventedB-smartB-happy & B-too are all part of the B-group