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Villa SW15

Interior | Villa | Nuenen

Farmhouse villa

For this client, we had the privilege of crafting the interior design, focusing on seamlessly connecting the indoors with the outdoors. The primary challenge was creating cohesion and unity. We shaped the design with the client’s personal preferences in mind.




B-too: Joep Verheijen & Diane Bekkers

Grand & beautiful, ready for the future

Through a harmonious collaboration with architectural firm Drijvers, a delightful space has emerged—a farmhouse villa that impresses with its scale and design: grand and beautiful!

Our clients aimed for a sustainable and adaptable new home for all stages of life.

In 2005, there was limited knowledge and availability of sustainable technology. Nonetheless, elements such as solar panels and heat pumps were foundational to the design.

To ensure both the basement and upper floors remain accessible in the future, a large void was incorporated, allowing for the installation of a residential lift without structural alterations.

Maximum luxury

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