Working at B-too


Strijp T, Eindhoven

SyncForce is a unique software system that connects product development with the distribution of product information. With the Product Success Platform, factories can accelerate product development through better internal communication.

A unique environment that is transparent and open is necessary for explaining what this system does properly.


Glazed offices and meeting rooms create optimum transparency and the many bright colours that have been used everywhere are accessible for everyone.

The SyncForce system sort of does the same with data, so this quickly proved to be a perfect match!


The works of art that pop up here and there in the spaces communicate that the company is really based on creativity.

A real Italian coffee

That is always a winner with employees and clients

Connection with the basis & target group

The interior reflects a connection between the basis (creative processing of data) and location (Strijp-T Eindhoven) and the customer groups (food industry, construction-related companies) that SyncForce works for.

We believe we can chalk that up as a success!

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