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Villa Linge

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The design for Villa Linge is based on the daily rhythm of the four different seasons. The street side of the villa, the ‘hard’ side, provides a closed feeling and protection against the weather in autumn and winter.

The garden side, the ‘soft’ side, offers a warm and open feeling and brings the beautiful weather inside during spring and summer. A beautiful wooden platform guides you from the street side to the garden.


Within the design, the choice was made to position the private spaces in three wooden blocks.

The other functions such as office, kitchen, and living are connected in one semi-public space and are distributed over all levels of the villa. The wooden blocks protruding through the semi-public layers of the villa create a beautiful contrast.

Langs de Linge



B-too conducted a study for a plot along the Linge to give a new interpretation to living in this location.



B-too: Eric Offermans

Design team

B-too: Stéphanie Lelieveld  


B-too: Marieke van Laanen

Warm & open

Yet a safe feeling

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