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Villa NW60

Interior | Villa | Berkel Enschot

Sun terrace

The sun terrace and garden as an extension to the living room, is that possible? Yes, it is!

Without a doubt successful for this magnificent villa: a sun terrace across the full width of the house, neatly cropped against the lawn, giving an indisputable “outside is in and inside is out” feeling.

Thatched roof

This relatively old-fashioned type of roof is (fortunately) making a comeback. It doesn’t just lend the home something extra, it is a firm nod to a healthier living environment. Good choice!


It keeps the internal temperature constant and so less energy is consumed. A hot issue in 2022!

Cosy corners

Little cosy corners were created through the smart use of a continuous roof. Here you can daydream or read a great book undisturbed with a glass of wine or cup of coffee.

Enjoy nature...

Bring the outside in!


Through the use of massive oak beams, the authentic elements of the farm are everywhere you look.

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