Working at B-too

Villa RD19


In the countryside around Geldrop, this new-build home fits perfectly within the strict regulations of the zoning plan. An important aspect is the use of low-tech sustainable materials.

The house is a breathable timber frame, insulated with natural materials (sheep’s wool and flax).

Generous fenestration

To provide optimum enjoyment of the surroundings from the master bedroom, here too we used XL windows. 

A little more work for the window cleaner, but certainly with the desired result.

Façades & roof & planting

The black façades are made from recycled PET, the slanting roof is thatched, and the flat roofs have a planted surface.

Along the apex of the roof there is a solar collector.


Low-tech sustainability

Sustainability at its best

The inside was designed sustainably too. For example, the walls and ceilings were not plastered, but instead painted with KEIM (a mineral-based coating).

Thanks to this, the house has an excellent indoor climate and a high GPR (Municipal Governance Guidelines) score.

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