Working at B-too

Villa SM45

Marbella, Spain

A second home in the wonderfully sunny south of Spain, who wouldn’t want that?

We were invited to contribute the interior design for this splendid villa by 123DV architecten.

Photography: Carlos Caceres Lavergne

Cosy central space

The living and dining room is the central spot in the house, where everyone gets together. That had to be given a cosy, warm look.

Through the right use of colour and the high quality of the selected materials and furniture, expectations were exceeded.

Building blocks, reinvented

From the outside, it looks like boring building blocks, but once you are inside, you encounter one surprise after another.

The house can be best described as a house packed with “little” cosy corners.

Hanging around in the sun

Meeting your standards

Bath & bed

From the bathroom to the bedrooms, everything down to the smallest detail is right, including the awe-inspiring view over the beautiful, landscaped garden.