Working at B-too

Villa SW15


We were honoured to be asked to create an interior design for this client. Connecting inside and out. Creating this connection was the most important aspect of the challenge. Designed with the personal wishes of the client in mind.

Architecture: architectenbureau Drijvers

Interior architecture: B-too

Magnificent (&) Beautiful

This wonderful place came about from a great collaboration with the architects firm Drijvers. 

A farmhouse home that is impressive in size and interpretation: magnificently beautiful!

Sustainable technology

Our clients wanted a sustainable and lifetime new-build home.
In 2005 very little was known about the availability of sustainable technology. 

Even so, solar panels and heat pumps were used as starting points for the design.

Maximum luxury

All over the place


To keep both the cellar and the first floor accessible for the future, a large void was created in which a domestic lift can be installed without constructional alterations.