Working at B-too

Villa VP 18


Could we create an updated version of this 1970s villa?

Our answer: Yes, we most definitely can!

An update the way updates should be

With respect for the original architecture, but still managing to create a version reflecting the spirit of the times.

This is exactly what we kept in mind while designing the inside and outside.

Own furniture

The client explained that they couldn’t bear to part with a number of pieces from their – now – previous home.

No problem at all for the B-too team! In fact, we love a challenge!

We also took the colour schemes and choice of materials into account when choosing new elements and the alterations to VP18.

A true update

While respecting the existing design


The combination of existing elements integral to the villa, the client’s legacy furniture and all the new additions have culminated in this result, where a seamless connection has been created between the client’s taste and the interpretation by the B-too designers.