Working at B-too


Our designs are never “standard” and don’t “just” suddenly appear. We are always looking for the essence of the clients’ wishes, the plot, the landscape, the municipal regulations or other influences. As a result, all our designs are unique and custom-made.

We believe in the importance of sustainable building. Not only do we prefer to work with sustainable materials, we also try to design as sustainably as possible. The floor plan, a good orientation with regard to the sun, multifunctional use and lifetime home designs are all starting points for us.

Villa BS5

Situated in one of the most desirable neighbourhoods in the south of Eindhoven, this characteristic villa was modernised and optimised completely in line with the client’s wishes.

Villa NW60

A villa where inside and out run into each other is really only possible in a rural area.

A wonderful challenge for wonderful people who have chosen to live in a wonderful spot.