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Wellness Villa OW10

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The joy of freedom

In this garden hideaway next to the swimming pool, with a fully equipped wellness spa downstairs, we completely fulfilled the clients’ wants and needs.

The most beautiful materials reside in this entirely home automation controlled residence. Including a cutting-edge kitchen and hi-tech images and sound.

If there was just one project that could be described in a single word as – fantastic – then it has to be this project.

The freedom in design and choice of materials has meant that we were able to meet every wish.


Ultimate luxury

Absolutely everything can be controlled by the extensive home automation system.

That’s ultimate luxury…

Maximum relaxation

Right in your back garden

Kitchen and wellness

The term “A really well-equipped kitchen” is fitting here, because it really is that!

With every imaginable piece of equipment and with its “own” sun terrace for enjoying all that deliciously prepared food.

And then there is the wellness spa too.

From a luxury steam cabin to a simple but extremely luxuriously finished sauna and wonderful chill corner…

There really is nothing more to add to this underground paradise.



B-too: Joep Verheijen, Pepijn Rademakers

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