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You Ning Chinese pavilion

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The former Philips enclave Strijp-S in Eindhoven is the place where it was decided that this unique building with patently clear Chinese influences should be erected.

An effervescent place where residential, life and work go hand-in-hand, and consequently there is always something to do here.

The new pavilion in Eindhoven is a gift from the Chinese city of Nanjing. The name You Ning refers to this good city connection. “You” means friendship and “Ning” is the abbreviated name for the city of Nanjing.

Who else but Eveline Wu could come up with a fitting concept and who else but B-too could design the interior?

Healthy, delicious & beautiful

Chinese character in a contemporary building, so read the commission for the Chinese architect Zao Chen and the typically Eindhoven architects agency Van Aken. With a typical silhouette and walls built from stone originating in Nanjing on both sides, they certainly pulled this off.

Then it was the turn of the interior, and an appeal went out to B-too. A beautiful authentic interior that had to compliment healthy & delicious food. An open “dining garden” with lots of light and real Chinese furniture, including rotary tables!

The interior contains elements from both ancient and new China: here you learn about every aspect of Chinese culture.


B-too: Janine Slaats, Joep Verheijen

You get a real taste of China here...

On your plate and all around you!

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