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Bringing healthcare closer

Located on Horsterweg in Zeewolde, the new ‘Medical Center Waterland’ stands as a testament to the motto ‘St Jansdal brings healthcare closer.’ Since 2021, residents of Zeewolde can access the new Medical Center Waterland, bringing together services such as general practitioners, physiotherapy, mental healthcare (GGZ), and a pharmacy.


The healthcare center forms a corner enclosure of a large block at the entrance of Zeewolde.

The block consists of a front corner facade where the materialization refers to the name of Zeewolde, portraying the forest (‘wolde’) with a wooden façade. The bottom layer is a dark stone that, in height and shade, refers to the water level. Subsequently, gray concrete blocks are used, symbolizing the polder sky. Due to the varied program requirements, the windows are positioned in a fixed pattern. At the end, a large panoramic window overlooks the harbor. On the entrance side, the block is closed off on the left side with low windows where, from the physiotherapy area, there is a connection to the outside. The rear facade has a light-colored design in bands that align with the tones of the buildings bordering the rear terrain.

Horsterweg, Zeewolde

Pharmacy, physiotherapy, general practitioners, mental healthcare (GGZ), and other medical services


Various contributions from the B-group have been made to the medical center in Zeewolde. B-too is the architect, and B-invented handled all architectural and structural engineering as well as permits. Sister company B-happy managed the preparation and realization.


B-too: Eric Offermans, Stéphanie Lelieveld

Design team

B-too: Sanne van Haasteren, Lotte Dekkers

B-invented: Nadine Mocking

Windows in various sizes

Create a playful rythm

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