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Architecture | Concept 180 apartements & commercial plinth | Amsterdam

Extraordinary living in a green landscape at every height

Mountain Valley, abbreviated as MovA, owes its name to the combination of “Mountains” and “Valleys.” The Mountain takes shape by letting the mass step back at every level. This creates an outdoor space for each layer, divided into private, semi-public, and public areas. The Valley is formed when two Mountains face each other. The space between the Mountains becomes an enclosed public inner area that can be used by the community as an outdoor space.

Adaptable to every desire

Within the building design of MoVa, many features are integrated to maximize living space in the home, thus keeping living costs relatively low. The innovative urban design allows for individual customization of the base and the morphology of the building. This customization is adaptable to every desire. The facade offers many execution possibilities, where wood fits very well. Ultimately, the project and the operating budget guide the choice of materialization.

Nevertheless, MoVa provides the opportunity to integrate a lot of greenery and opt for an ecological building design. Developed by B-invented together with B-leaf, it features an optimal timber frame structure consisting of timber-framed facade and wall elements, with necessary structural CLT walls and floors in CLT.

Extraordinary living

MovA is characterized by a green landscape of private and (semi-)public outdoor spaces at every height. There is a gradual transition from public streets to the semi-public garden and from this community garden to the private gardens at height.

The shape of the “Mountain Valley” is designed so that all outdoor spaces are interconnected. Each resident has a sizable private outdoor space, regardless of the size of the apartment. In other words, extraordinary living in a green landscape at every height.


180 apartements + commercial plinth


B-invented has developed a concept for unique living in timber construction by incorporating various modules.


B-too: Eric Offermans, Sanne van Haasteren, Stephanie Lelieveld

Architectural engineering
B-invented: Eric Offermans, Stephanie Lelieveld, Sanne van Haasteren

Structural engineering
B-invented: Bouwe Geels

Houtbouw B-leaf: Edward Hoogendoorn

Living together

In timber

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