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Multi-layer school

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Multi-story timber school building

In the coming years, there will be a significant improvement and replacement of many elementary schools to meet social and technical needs. A large portion of these elementary schools are located in urban areas and will remain so in new construction options. Through the vision of the B-group, “Together. Building. Consciousness.”, we are closely involved in buildings with a social and societal connection. This is done from a conscious perspective where, alongside financially feasible structures, there is a focus on biobased construction, particularly in timber. For a multi-story school, we have designed a solution in timber.

Circular timber construction for schools

Incorporating wood into schools contributes to improving students’ academic performance and creates a more pleasant working environment for teachers and staff. Additionally, timber construction can be prefabricated, allowing for quick construction and adaptation to the changing needs of a school. Due to the characteristics of wood, it can be designed and engineered entirely circularly, making it easy to disassemble.

Adaptable timber construction to educational vision

In the Netherlands, there are many educational visions with specific requirements regarding the use of spaces. In the proposed design, there is a request to incorporate a sports hall on top of the school. We have presented a vision where a central space is surrounded by classrooms. These classrooms can then be interconnected, creating a building with flexible layout options and opportunities for organizational divisions and adjustments over time. The sports hall is designed as an architectural element that is clearly distinct from the educational part but forms an integral part of the school function.

Nature-inclusive and functional integration

The building can be further integrated into the environment so that nature becomes the focal point. By elevating the access points, they become part of the “playground,” and the sports hall can be directly accessed. This creates a more natural environment and allows space for plants and animals.




The B-group has made various contributions to the single-story school project. B-too is the architect, B-invented has provided all architectural and structural expertise, B-leaf has contributed timber construction knowledge, and construction company B-happy has explored realization possibilities.

B-too: Raz Keltsch, Eric Offermans

Architectural engineering
B-invented: Nadine Mocking, Eric Offermans

Structural egineering
B-invented: Bouwe Geels

B-happy: Joost Huijgen


Surrounded by green

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