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Mystic Heritage

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"Mystic Heritage, where time stands still, and the charm of centuries conceals itself."

Boutique hotel

Welcome to Mystic Heritage! Step into a world where luxury and history blend, embracing you with mysteries from the past. This enchanting boutique hotel, located in an ancient Limburg castle, offers a unique experience full of mystery and heritage

Oasis of tranquility

The courtyard, surrounded by historic buildings from 1701, has a rich history that surprises you with new details. It is an oasis of tranquility. Whether you’re enjoying a moment within the confines of the courtyard or strolling through the lush gardens, each stay offers unmistakable charm and a sense of discovery.


The gabion walls combined with green elements provide a cohesive architecture that blends well with the authentic character of the existing estate. From the courtyard, you enter luxurious rooms, each carefully designed to combine comfort with a touch of mystique. The gabion walls separate the spaces, creating an intriguing atmosphere and the ultimate indoor-outdoor feeling.

Mystic Heritage Restaurant

Gastronomic experience

In the castle, you’ll indulge in a gastronomic experience that stimulates the senses, while the restaurant’s ambiance resembles a secret dining hall in an ancient ruin. The ruin, formed from gabion walls, mysteriously outlines the contours of the former castle.

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Mystic Heritage

Where time stands still, and the charm of centuries conceals itself

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