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In an urban location, the challenge was to integrate residences with a commercial base while providing concealed parking within the plan. Incorporating ample greenery was crucial for both residents and the surrounding area. The vicinity consists of buildings with significant height variations, requiring the structure to respond to various elevations. Emphasizing the quality of living is also essential, and due to the busy road nearby, the residences will be situated inward.

Distinctive design

All these considerations led to the design of Scoria. The exterior of the building is intentionally unassuming. The color and form give the observer the impression of a snow-like structure, from which the building derives its name.

The base has a more open structure, clearly delineating the distinction between public and private spaces.

Scoria Diagram

Organic openings

The residences are concealed behind organic openings in the building, serving as the sole connection to the surroundings.

The actual lives of the residents unfold on the interior of the building, where a spacious inner garden is available for all residents. Additionally, each dwelling features a private terrace.


60 apartements



B-too: Raz Keltsh

Design team

B-too: Andy Lo, Niels Koolen


on the inside

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