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The freedom of tiny living

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Vertical landscapes

Tiny houses offer a wonderful solution for contemporary living, but the challenge lies in obtaining permits for their placement. Facing this dilemma, the initiator approached B-too for a solution. The answer was found in a concept featuring vertical landscapes for Tiny houses. Each level was designed to accommodate 20 Tiny houses for short or long-term rentals. At the center of the tower is an “car lift” that transports the Tiny houses to the desired level. Subsequently, the Tiny houses are maneuvered into position from the lift.

This design creates small ecosystems of like-minded residents. The various levels are also connected externally via stairs and lifts, forming a unified community throughout the Flower Tower.

The Flower Tower could potentially be replicated in multiple locations across Europe, allowing Tiny house residents to travel from place to place within an overarching concept that aligns with their preferred lifestyle.


Is this “the” solution? According to the initiator, it’s a realistic concept worth further exploration. Interested? Get in touch!


Tiny houses



B-too: Eric Offermans, Sanne van Haasteren

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