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This is not the ice age... yet!

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Must a villa always look like a villa? At B-too, we aim to create a unique and surprising experience for the observer, visitor, and resident. The villa on this former estate serves as a prime example.

Is it even a villa? Where does the villa begin? What is there to experience?

We are delighted to have contributed to the design of this project and applied our vision to it.

Wij zijn blij dat we aan het ontwerp van dit project hebben mogen meewerken en onze visie erop hebben kunnen loslaten.

Observer / visitor

Does the observer also get an experience? Certainly, anyone catching a glimpse of the villa experiences something unique. Transparent discs resembling chunks in the greenery are visible in the open space within the wooded surroundings—mysterious and intriguing. No straight paths to reach it, changing perspectives as you approach the building.


And what about the visitor? The visitor is drawn inside through a wool-covered yellow tube. Penetrating it feels like entering the interior of a contemporary, nonexistent creature. Bare, unpleasant, yet novel. The resident has control and decides which visitor gains access where. The inside features a series of interconnected forms that thunder through the building like large yellow mammoths. Tangible everywhere but recognizable nowhere.


The resident has the ultimate experience! Inside and outside, it is an infinite exploration, with ongoing surprise about nooks, corners, and vistas. The connections between inside and outside. The view of the world in peace and silence.


Can B-too live up to this? Yes, but, of course, we cannot do it alone. Within the B-group, we have all the necessary disciplines in-house. From the extensive basement by our sister company B-smart to all timber construction by our timber construction company B-leaf. Preceding that, the architectural and structural engineering by B-invented and potential realization by our contractor B-happy.

Through the integrated and process-oriented approach, this building becomes not only a remarkable design but also adds an extra dimension to feasibility. 


B-too: Eric Offermans, Raz Keltsh

Design team

B-too: Fleur van den Heuvel


B-too: Raz Keltsh, Fleur van den Heuvel, Eric Offermans

This is not the ice age... yet!

Ultra modern

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