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Whispers of Romance

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"Love, peace, liberation and luxury are four words that describe this place."

Boutique hotel

As you approach, a serene silence envelops you. Nestled among fields and woods in the province of Utrecht, this location is the perfect setting for a boutique hotel. The former detached villa with a driveway, coach house, and orangery provides a space where privacy is maximized, and complete tranquility can be experienced. Birds chirp, and the wind whispers through the trees. The charming country house gives the ultimate feeling of peace and togetherness.

Contemporary arches

Upon entering, the contemporary arches provide a sense of security. They also subtly reference the history of the village and the nearby castle. The large marble walls and golden accents enhance the exclusive experience of this boutique hotel.

Spacious suites

Inside the villa, there are several spacious suites, each with its own terrace overlooking the surrounding forest. Waking up peacefully on your private terrace with a cup of coffee in the morning and enjoying romantic evening drinks.


Haven of peace

The garden, where the other suites are located, is a haven of peace. The gentle flow of the large fountain, secluded seating areas, organic shapes, and light brick contribute to the ultimate romantic experience.

B-too: Stéphanie Lelieveld


B-too: Janine Slaats, Stéphanie Lelieveld

Design team

B-too: Fleur van den Heuvel

Whispers of Romance

Love, peace, liberation and luxury

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